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About Us

We are a small cage-less cattery located in northeast Kansas. Our mission is to provide quality Devon Rex Exotic Shorthairs to families and friends alike wishing to enrich their lives with a new companion. Our experiences with animals and our enjoyment of the human-animal bond goes back not only our whole lives, but extends back generations. 

The true foundation to the kittens that we provide is the genetically health tested parents, that also embody a docile and affectionate temperament that is passed on to their kittens. Truly making our kittens top shelf is also the environment in which they are raised. We are a state-inspected cattery that exceeds all regulations. Animal husbandry, medical care, confirmation, and our dedication to educating new kitten families ensures that you will have a positive experience in adding a new NR Felines kitten to your family.



Russell's life has been centered around animals from the youngest age he could possibly remember. From growing up raising everything from quality show bunnies to livestock, as well as dogs, he has developed a wealth of knowledge for proper animal husbandry of anything that lives and breathes. This knowledge has helped feed his mission to provide proper education to any pet owner to further enrich both the pet's life as well as the owner. Russell is truly passionate about the work he does, and is determined to leave his mark on the animal industry. 


Zac's fascination for animals started from a very young age as he was exposed to many different types of animals through nature, zoos, and the animals inside of his own home. Instantly, he was obsessed with any animal and began to care for everything from tadpoles to kittens. Eventually, his passion for animals led to his start in the industry by beginning to raise chickens as well as ducks. Zac has continued his path in the animal industry and strives to encourage more people to share his fascination with any animal imaginable.

Our Cattery

We designed our cattery by putting the needs of our beloved cats first and foremost.  Our cattery has multiple carbon filters integrated into our facility to provide the cleanest and most efficient air circulation to all of our cats. To further enhance the surrounding environment of our cats, the entire cattery has efficient heating and cooling to provide the correct temperature year round. We also pride ourselves in the multiple steps we have taken to provide constant enrichment to our cats. Every cat has access to different levels of perches, different trees and scratching posts, as well as many mentally stimulating toys available all day every day. Exceeding the regulation of our state-inspected cattery is the minimal effort that we put forth in being the best that we can.

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Health Testing

Exotic Shorthairs, as well as Persians and other Persian-derived cats, have a high chance of inheriting PKD, a disease that can lead to kidney failure. Several studies using ultrasound scan screening have shown that the prevalence of PKD in Exotics is between 40–50% in developed nations. We always act responsibly when selecting which new king and or queen to bring into our breeding program. Every cat in our facility is PKD negative, so we will never perpetuate the already prevalent problem of PKD in cats. In addition to testing for PKD, all of our kittens are tested negative for FeLV to further ensure you are receiving a healthy kitten.


We put our best foot forward with the socialization that all of our cats receive on a day to day basis. Every cat under our care regularly receives check-ups carried out by our veterinarian. A further crucial step implemented with our cats is the regular bathing, blow drying, nail trimming, and ear cleanings that exposes them to all of those situations to allow you to provide proper animal husbandry to your new kitten with ease. Every cat and kitten is also receiving constant mental stimulation by the enriching toys provided inside of the cattery. 

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