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About Us

We are a small cage-less cattery located in Northeast Kansas. NR Felines' mission is to provide quality Devon Rex and Exotic Shorthairs to families and friends alike wishing to enrich their lives with a new companion. Our experiences with animals and our enjoyment of the human-animal bond goes back not only our whole lives, but goes back generations...

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Our Mission

Available Kittens


Say Hello!

We keep our website up-to-date with all currently available kittens. Information about future litters can be found on our Facebook page. You can also reach out to us with any questions on any of the medias listed below!

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Our Kings and Queens

Click the image shown here to see who really makes our kittens look so adorable. They aren't just called Kings and Queens, they act like it too!

Happy Families

Anna M.

Taylor B.


Thank you for Aaron! He is sweet, well taken care of, and very lovable! Thank you for doing such a great job being a top-notch cattery!

He's growing so fast and still the sweetest kitten I've ever had!!!


Haley M.

Lua P.


Oliver warmed up very quickly! He's eating, drinking, using the litter box, and he's very playful! Thank you so much, I love him already!!!

He's so sweet, he hasn't stopped purring, and he's an expert biscuit maker. Love that!

Linda L.

Dusti W.


When we brought her in and let her out of her carrier she just ran everywhere wanting to play. Sometime early this morning she found her sleeping buddy. I love her.

She is the best cat. Never knew I could love a pet so much!

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Located south of Kansas City, KS.

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